Talend connectors for Telefonica IoT Platform

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This project is part of Telefonica IoT Platform.

The connectors found at this repository are intended to be custom components for Talend Open Studio (TOS), an open source ETL and data integration tool.

Specifically, these are the categories under which this project adds custom components for TOS:

  • NGSI:
    • Orion:
      • tOrionConnection: specifies an authenticated connection to a certain Orion endpoint, using a certain FIWARE service.
      • tOrionAppend: creates an Orion entity or appends the data to an already existent one.

About this documentation

For each category of custom components there is an Installation and Administration Guide and an User and Programmer Guide.

Additionally, there is a collection of specific documents for each custom Talend component, describing in detail its functionality, how it is configured and containing some implementation details.


Talend Connectors for Telefonica IoT Platform is licensed under Affero General Public License (GPL) version 3. You can find a copy of this license in the repository.

Reporting issues and contact information

Any issue or doubt you may have, please refer to this link.